Wedding Trend: Guest Experience

Over the last few years couples have been spending more on cost per guest (even if that means decreasing the guest count) to create a more memorable occasion, The Knot reports. In the eyes of the wedding hosts, it has become increasingly important to create the “ultimate guest experience”.


You may be thinking “Why, this day is about me?!” and although that is true, it wouldn’t be much of a party without your guests and their support. You have invested a lot of time and money into this big day and you want your guests to stay and enjoy the entire time and reminisce about your amazing wedding for years to come. Show them a good time and make your wedding stand out among the rest!


Okay, that all sounds good but what exactly does guest experience mean? It means as the host of a party that you are making sure your guests needs are met, that they are comfortable, that you keep them entertained and stimulated, evoke emotions on a day celebrating family and love, wow their senses and provide a little interaction for them. Make sure they have a good time and an unforgettable experience.


Below are 50 ideas to increase your guest’s experience.

1.       Make a grand entrance when appearing to walk down the aisle

2.       Have a wedding party (or guest) dance off during the reception

3.       Incorporate humor in your wedding day

4.       Create stunning visuals- have your bridesmaids dresses mismatched (different styles, different colors, ombre’ effect, etc. 

5.       Have rounded ceremony seating for a more intimate nuptial

6.       Create a fabulous balloon wall

7.       Minimalism- quality over quantity (whether its alcohol, décor, food or favors)

8.       Have officiant ask the guest if they affirm your union and make them say “we do” at the end of the ceremony

9.       Learn a unique dance for your first dance

10.   Create a fun photo booth, ditch the paper masks on sticks and provide a trunk of cool costume pieces (example: hats, boas, glasses) BONUS, this doubles as dress up trunk for any kiddos at the event

11.   Hire an interactive DJ who plays games or teaches dances

12.   Make a memorable entrance as a married couple into the reception

13.   Hire a caricaturist or other entertainment vendors

14.   Provide advice cards, date night ideas and wedding mad libs

15.   Procure different types of food vendors- coffee truck, pie truck, ice cream truck, etc.

16.   Impress your guests and Mother Nature with an eco-chic wedding

17.   Have your photographer capture nice portraits of guests for your memories and theirs (send them their photos)

18.   Use nontraditional floral, we have heard grasses are going to be big for the 2019 season

19.   Provide dramatic backdrops for photos

20.   Hire a local falconer to have a raptor be your ring bearer (we can help make this happen!)

21.   Have custom minimalistic banners made (i.e., your new last name but have each letter its own cut out banner piece)

22.   Print a guestbook with photos of your guests already in them (steal them from Facebook!) and instruct them to find their picture and sign

23.   Go with a crazy or untraditional color palette

24.   Anniversary dance game: have all couples dance, have the DJ excuse the dance floor by number of years people have been married so the last couple dancing has been married the longest is honored

25.   Provide “I Spy” photo scavenger hunt game directions (use your wedding hashtag so they can upload the photos to you)

26.   Provide quality, plentiful food (this is really important to guests)

27.   Are there other special occasions on this day or recently or soon? Honor your guests and point them out (examples: a friend or family members recent engagement, a new baby, a birthday)

28.   Tape a gift card to bottom of a place setting and have the DJ announce for everyone to look under their place setting, someone lucky wins the gift card

29.   Have a themed wedding where the guests are encouraged to dress up

30.   String up a Piñata for the kids (and one for adults too!)

31.   Use butcher paper on kids tables and supply crayons for them to color on

32.   Have a love song themed Karaoke hour

33.   Include a surprise performance of some kind from a guest

34.   In lieu of gifts, have a donation box for a charity near and dear to you

35.   Do not have assigned seating, guests do not like this

36.   Instead of spending money on favors, get higher quality alcohol

37.   Have music requests for guests to fill out for the DJ

38.   Anticipate your guest’s needs, they don’t know what they are in for (example: sunscreen, bug spray, pashmina)

39.   Host an after party at a local bar or casino for those who want to make the most of this day

40.   If food was served hours before the party ends, provide a “late night” snack or coffee bar

41.   Utilize a large chalkboard and make it interactive for your guests (example:  gratitude board, favorite one line joke, favorite quote or song lyrics)

42.   Provide Hors d’oeuvre, a snack or a drink upon guest arrival

43.   Provide lounge areas where people can sit comfortably and mingle in different spots (our Airstream is a perfect lounge area backdrop!)

44.   Bring outdoor games for people to play

45.   After the toasts, thank your guests and let them know how much their support means to you

46.   Provide interactive food stations (example: dessert bar, sweet and salty bar, lemonade bar, smore’s bar)

47.   Play some fun games as a couple in front of the guest while they are eating (example: the shoe game, trivia) 

48.   Provide a bounce house and a babysitter or other entertainment for your guest’s children

49.   Have live music

50.   Probably the most important one: make it a point to greet every guest in the day or evening and truly thank them for coming and supporting you


What did you do at your wedding to increase guest experience? Let us know in the comments!