The Snow Geese of 2018

April 2018


Tens of thousands of Snow Geese make their 3,000 mile journey from Russia to the hospitable Skagit Valley annually and we never tire of being amazed by their massive flocks, which from afar, looks like a snowstorm rolling in. If you’re lucky enough to be only feet away from them (we were yesterday when they came to the barn) as they take off or land toward you en masse it may bring visions of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” to mind for a brief moment and it’s absolutely phenomenal- you can feel the sound of thousands of wings flapping in unison resonate in your chest, like a freight train.


Although we will miss them, their departure is a promise of summer (and I think it is safe to say all Skagitonians are ready for warmer weather and longer days!) The intermission in their visit only strengthens the joy felt in Fall when we start to hear the honks once more and look up to see this beautiful, large, white aviator whose wing tips looks as though the birds all purposely dipped down over a black, murky Fir Island slough as some sort of waterfowl fashion statement.


They are such a blessing to have around during our long, dark, rainy winters. The Saltbox Barn is inspired by art and nature, there is no shortage of either in our community.


We look forward to the return of the migrating birds here in the next few months!